25 May 2022

PCS affiliates to Ukrainian Solidarity Campaign

Conference today unanimously voted to affiliate with the Ukrainian Solidarity Campaign and support trade unionists in the war-torn country. 

Conference yesterday voted in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and to support their struggle against the Russian invasion. 

In affiliating with USC, the union will also support the trade union movement in Ukraine. 

Moving motion A37, Kulvinder from the Office of the Public Guardian said: “During this brutal invasion of Ukraine, it’s important that we reach out and build links with Ukraine trade unions. 

“Trade unions that were still working while Kiev was being bombed and kept the city running. 

“It’s important that we share their views of the right to self-determination.

“No Ukranian worker should have their rights and working standards exposed to what the west, or the IMF or Putin wants for them.”

Chris Hickey, from PSg - DLUHC Headquarters National Branch, said: “The USC is absolutely clear as conference was yesterday that Russia’s war mission is the denial of self determination of the people of Ukraine. 

“USC is equally clear that the labour movement’s duty is ensure a distinct solidarity and make links with trade unions, demand abolition of Ukrainian debt to demand assistance with the reconstruction of Ukraine,  to demand opening of our borders for Ukrainian refugees and for the right of Ukraine to receive weapons if it needs - and it does - to resist the Russian invasion.”

The motion called for PCS to affiliate to USC on a national basis at a cost of £150 a year, and to encourage branches to make affiliations/donations as well.

It was unanimously carried.