27 January 2022

PCS balloting members in Atos over pay

Members are being asked if they are prepared to take strike action, following rejection of the employer’s pay offer.

PCS is in dispute with Atos over their refusal to meet our claim for a consolidated 5% increase, £1300 underpin for the lowest paid, plus a £600 one off payment in recognition of the contribution of our members throughout the pandemic (most of them were classed as “key workers” and have been in the office throughout).

Atos initially offered 1% which was rejected by members in a ballot.

Members are struggling to pay their bills and need to see a significant pay increase to keep their heads above water. Members are angry following the issuing of the final offer from the company of 1.5%, and want to take action.

At the last pay meeting before negotiations broke down the company made two offers:

  1. 2% increase for members paid on or below £30,000 and nothing for those above,
  2. 1.5% for everyone.

The first offer would have meant a pay freeze for 20% of our members this year at the height of the cost of living crisis. Members were astounded that the company thought that anyone earning over £30,000 did not need a pay rise.

Reps have set up a WhatsApp group that will be reporting straight to members throughout the dispute. If you wish to be included in the group, please contact your local rep.

The ballot closes on 7 February and PCS urges all members to vote YES for strike action and YES for action short of a strike.

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