22 July 2021

PCS campaign leads to win over pay changes

Mitie has agreed to withdraw its proposals for changes to the frequency of security guards’ pay.

Mitie has formally confirmed that it is withdrawing proposals to change salaried security guards’ pay frequency to a 4-weekly/13 per year pay frequency following a campaign by PCS members.

The controversial plans would have meant that low paid, key workers would be paid less money every four weeks although they would have an additional pay date in the year. However, a four-week pay frequency would also mean that the pay date would change each month and would create significant problems in members managing their finances. It would also likely disrupt Universal Credit payments for the many members that claim it to support their low wages.

Mitie planned to introduce the change in tranches, with security guards being the first to be impacted. However, it was their intention to roll out the changes to staff working on all other ex-Interserve contracts in September/October 2021. This means that the security guard win is also a win for all staff employed on ex-Interserve contracts. This shows what workers can achieve when they organise themselves collectively through their trade union.

One of the most underhanded threats made during this campaign was Mitie’s threat to “fire and rehire" staff on worse terms if they did not agree to the changes. PCS members continue to seek an assurance from Mitie that such bullying tactics will not be used in the future.

You can help us to build PCS membership and organisation across Mitie by:

  • Using our e-action ask your MP to support the political campaign to stop the use of bullying “fire and rehire” threats in all government workplaces.