5 November 2021

PCS in DWP: campaigning on pay, pensions and living standards

The DWP group executive committee (GEC) met in October and agreed a pay, pensions and living standards campaign plan.

Over the past decade PCS members have had the pay and living standards attacked by pay freezes and 1% pay limits. Our members are now at least 10% worse off than they were before the economic crash in 2008. 

Members now face inflation of over 3% and likely to rise to 5%, massive increases in gas and electricity bills and increased national insurance payments. At the same time the Tories are robbing us of 2% of our pay every month by not adjusting our contribution to our pensions.       

Last week the Tories announced that their latest public sector pay freeze would end but details of exactly what this will mean for the Civil Service, including DWP, will probably not be known until early next year. 

Our 2022 pay increase is due next July. The GEC believe that we need to begin to campaign now and build for the action needed to win a 10% increase in 2022. 

The planned campaign will begin with Zoom meetings for PCS reps in the DWP next week. Look out for details and make sure you attend. 

These will be followed by branches holding members' meetings with speakers in November and December and will lead into a members' survey and petitions to demand better pay and build for 2022.