10 May 2022

PCS encourages HMRC staff to complete ACC1 forms in Covid outbreaks

Incidents of workplace Covid exposure should be reported. HMRC are unsupportive of using ACC1 forms, but will not block their use.

Following repeated discussions with HMRC, PCS’s group health and safety lead advises that incidents where there could be a potential of workplace exposure to Covid-19 should be reported through completion of the department's ACC1 reporting form.

This should occur wherever there is a reasonable suspicion, no matter how remote, that an individual could have contracted Covid-19 within the workplace or as a result of official duties.

HMRC continue to be reluctant to accept the potential of workplace transmission of Covid-19 and refuse to support our position of encouraging ACC1 completion, however reporting workplace incidents, work-related ill-health, and near misses is absolutely essential in any organisation and HMRC will not block ACC1s from being submitted to a line manager or subsequently investigated and reported to HR.

Where there is any active opposition locally to ACC1s being submitted, branches are asked to report details to the PCS R&C group health and safety inbox at pcshealthsafety@hmrc.gov.uk.