9 July 2021

PCS to highlight to MPs impact of outsourcing in defence sector

PCS will highlight the impact on communities of outsourcing of key services across the defence sector, as well as the potential benefits of bringing services back in-house, at a meeting of the parliamentary defence select committee on Monday

PCS Defence Sector Group President Chris Dando is attending the session on outsourced workers in MoD as part of the committee’s open inquiry which focuses on the treatment of outsourced ancillary staff.

Led by SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes, the session will also take evidence from PCS sister unions GMB and Unite, both of whom also represent outsourced workers across the department.

In written evidence PCS provided to the committee in advance of Monday’s session, we highlighted the ongoing battle to save terms and conditions of our outsourced members across the MoD. They are employed in various key roles and based across the UK. Poor industrial relations with both contractors and senior staff at the MoD has led to a lack of union recognition, cuts to pay, redundancies and the watering down of terms and conditions.

PCS, as with other departmental campaigns on outsourcing, continues to call for these jobs to be brought back into the public sector and this view was supported in our recently-launched Alternative Vision for Defence report written by professor Roger Seifert, who is also due to speak to the committee on Monday.

This session is a vital opportunity for our members in the defence sector, and outsourced workers across government, to once again highlight the disadvantages of extensive outsourcing and the need for an urgent rethink of the immense benefits of bringing roles back into the public sector both for employees and government.

View the session, which begins at 3pm, online through Parliament TV.