13 December 2021

PCS to hold consultative ballot on pay and pensions

Our national executive committee has decided that we will be moving to a ballot of all public sector members in the new year on our national campaign to raise pay, pensions and living standards.

The senior reps decided that it was time to say that the pay freeze, rising inflation, April’s National Insurance rise and pensions robbery could no longer be accepted. It cannot be right that our members struggling so bitterly, given everything that they have done to keep things afloat during the pandemic.

This is not a strike ballot. It will ask members what action they would be prepared to take. A statutory industrial action ballot might follow later.

Watch the video announcement

We emailed members in November asking them to use our pension calculator to work out how much they have lost by overpaying into their pension.

More than 18,000 people have used it so far and many of them have shared their shock with us at how much they have lost personally.

Many members have also shared the shocking reality of what the cost-of-living crisis has meant to them. Many of our members, the government’s own workers, are struggling to keep a roof over their head, pay bills and feed their family and themselves.

The consultative ballot early next year will give them a chance to have their say on what they are prepared to do to get the decent pay rise they deserve and end the public sector pension robbery.

What you can do

  • If you haven’t already, use the calculator to see how much you have lost this year. Think about what having that money in your pocket would mean to you today
  • Then use the e-action to tell your MP you want them to do something about it.
  • Talk to your reps to find out what’s happening in your area
  • Ask any colleagues who aren’t already members to join us
  • Log into PCS Digital to check your address is up to date.

We are not alone in this. We have been talking to other unions and we believe that we will make real progress working together across public sector unions.