11 August 2021

PCS launches consultative ballot in DVLA

Workers at DVLA will be asked whether they would support further strike action in a consultative ballot.

The ballot will open today and close on 3 September.

Members will be asked about their priorities for a deal to end the dispute and whether they would be in support of further strike action and action short of a strike, going forward. 

It is not a statutory ballot which is the legal requirement for strike action.  

PCS is continuing its plan of targeted and sustained strike action at DVLA, with staff in drivers medical on the second week of a month-long walkout. 

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the union, said: “DVLA senior management and the DfT have underestimated the resolve of our members. They thought support for our strike would fade when in fact it is growing with new staff joining PCS.  

“This dispute can be resolved if the original deal to end the strike is put back on the table. 

“The blame for the terrible delays being experienced by DVLA customers lies squarely at the feet of Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and DVLA CEO Julie Lennard.”