17 May 2022

PCS launches hybrid working survey in Ofsted

The results of the survey will help us to decide the next steps in the hybrid working dispute. 

Today (17) PCS is launching a survey for all members in Ofsted. The survey is to gain key information from our members with regard to the changes to hybrid working in Ofsted. The results of the survey will go on to inform our next steps in the ongoing dispute with Ofsted over the hybrid working policy. We will use this survey as a key indicator of whether to reballot members for industrial action at Ofsted, so it is crucial that you fill it in.

Last week, we met with Ofsted management and instead of addressing our members’ legitimate concerns about the changes to hybrid working, they instead announced a ‘tea and trainers’ policy to appease staff. PCS is disappointed that Ofsted have chosen to ignore our hybrid working concerns, and instead assume staff can be pacified by relaxing the dress code and providing free tea in the offices.

It is for this reason that PCS is coming back to you for your views on where we go next. The survey will close on Wednesday 25 May and the results will be shared with members shortly thereafter.

The online survey takes just 3 minutes to complete.

Please speak to your fellow PCS members and encourage them to complete the survey too. We need to hear from as many members as possible on this important issue.