12 June 2022

PCS members are tax payers, too

The prime minister’s statement to civil servants claimed that 91,000 job losses are needed for the benefit of “the taxpayer”.

In May the prime minister announced 91,000 job cuts across the civil service, returning it to 2016 staffing levels. In a letter sent to all civil servants last week, Boris Johnson said, “I profoundly believe that the public service you provide is a great and noble calling, but we must also remember that every penny of it is paid for by the taxpayer. That money is not the government’s money, it’s the people’s money - hard-earned pounds that we share a moral duty to spend judiciously.”

PCS members have been responding angrily to his statement.

National crisis

“We care about the state of the country and really care about our customers, but we are also taxpayers, which is not acknowledged, and as tax payers we are also entitled to the same protection and support as everyone else.

“People are starving, desperate and spiralling into debt. People are having to steal food to stay alive. The healthcare system is in a state of collapse and human beings are suffering waiting for a doctor or an operation. Some of our elderly citizens will die before getting the medical help they need.

“This is bigger than the civil service, this is a national crisis and we all need protecting from any more damage from this ‘government’. Mental health is in crisis as well as physical health. The nation needs kindness and compassion, understanding and patience, not the oppressive regime inflicted upon us.”

Knock-on effect of job losses

If I was unlucky enough to be made redundant like so many others, how is that helping the cost of living crisis? If I was unable to pay my mortgage I would lose my house, I would then need to claim UC to give me money for rent, food and bills. I would be asking the tax payer to fund my life, increasing the amount the government pays out by probably more than my current salary.”

Stabbed in the back

“I’m sick of the way we are constantly belittled and stabbed in the back by those who feign appreciation of our efforts. We are constantly told that the taxpayer expects this and that. Boris needs reminding that we are ALL taxpayers.”

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