21 June 2022

PCS members protest at Tory Party Fundraiser

Tory Party supporters paid £20,000 per table at the fundraising event held at the V&A Museum, where low paid PCS members work.  

Hundreds of members of the Conservative party, as well as cabinet ministers, were heckled and booed as they arrived at the party’s summer fundraising event which was held at the museum last night (20 June).

Staff at the V&A are subject to the government’s 2-3% pay cap this year in the face of 11% inflation, and many are struggling to make ends meet. Members were clear that it was an insult for the Tories to host a £20,000 a table luxury dinner at the museum, while the same party was forcing its workers into poverty.

Attendees at the dinner were met with chants of “Tories are not welcome here” and “2% don’t pay the rent” as they arrived for their lavish party.

Protesters were joined by supporters from across the culture sector, as well as PCS vice president Hannah David and John McDonnel MP, who both spoke in support of the workers and in disgust of the government’s cruel pay cap.

Addressing the crowd, the V&A PCS co-branch secretary said: “They wine and dine their rich friends, spending more money in one night than many of our members see in a year, ask our members to clean up their mess and then tell us to survive on starvation wages.”

The protest ended on a high: Secretary of State for Culture Nadine Dorries was the last guest to arrive and was greeted by the loudest challenge of the evening before being ushered inside for the dinner.