5 November 2021

PCS members vote to accept agreement in DVSA 8-test schedule dispute

Driving examiners and local test centre manager members have voted overwhelmingly in support of an agreement PCS negotiated with the DVSA to resolve a dispute about test numbers. 

More than 90% of members voted yes to the deal, on a turnout of 69%.

The agreement was reached in talks that were held after members voted in huge numbers to take industrial action and scheduled two days of strikes. 

We have been in dispute with the DVSA over the proposed addition of an eighth car driving test to the examiners’ daily schedule. 

PCS Department for Transport Group President Paul Williams said members had “spoken loudly and clearly with their mandate”. 

He said PCS would hold the DVSA to the letter and the spirit of the agreement and work for further gains for members across the whole of DVSA.

The agreement now allows PCS negotiators to engage DVSA on a range of issues linked to the dispute, including rebuilding the broken trust between DVSA and its staff as highlighted by the Robertson Cooper occupational psychology report.

PCS is holding members’ meetings next week – 5-6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday - to discuss what priorities members now want to see addressed with DVSA.

If you would like to attend email paulm@pcs.org.uk