24 November 2021

PCS Midlands Disability History Month Event

We will be discussing the disability pay gap, national pay campaign and the national disabled members' forum.

Disability History Month runs from 18 November to 18 December.

The TUC’s analysis of Labour Force Survey statistics found that non-disabled workers earn 16.5% more per hour than those that meet the definition of disabled under the Equality Act.

It found the median hourly pay for a worker with a disability was £11.55, compared with £13.45 for those without a disability. This equates to £3458 based on a 35-hour week. PCS’s view is that this is wholly unacceptable.

PCS's national pay campaign seeks to address these disparities to make sure all our members are paid equally. 

At our online event we will have guest speakers including Quinn Roache, TUC policy officer for disability and LGBT+ equality, and Fran Heathcote, PCS national president.

Please join our meeting and get involved in your union now, recruit a friend and campaign for an end to the Disability Pay Gap and for a decent pay rise.

For more details and how to register, see our events page.