17 May 2022

PCS ONS Group response to civil service cuts announcement

PCS will be talking urgently to ONS about the government's plans to cut 91,000 civil service jobs over the next 3 years and will pass on as much information as we can to members as soon as we can. 

The contribution our members make to government policy is critical for this country, as demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic, now and in the future.

Any cuts could mean that important outputs could be lost and the blame for it not being done will, inevitably, be placed at the door of the civil service by the politicians who decided to make the cuts. 

That is before realising that to deliver what is needed we need highly skilled and motivated staff. Who could maintain motivation when we face the prospect of massive job cuts and another effective pay cut?

Please make sure that your colleagues who are not already members know that PCS will be doing whatever it takes to protect our members at the UK Statistics Authority. There’s never been a better time to join PCS.