8 December 2021

PCS pressure wins 6,000 permanent DWP jobs

DWP has finally agreed to make nearly all of the 6,000 AO grade fixed-term appointment and temporary staff permanent following months of PCS campaigning.

This represents a major victory for PCS and includes getting the 1,800 former Brook Street agency workers permanent contracts in the DWP.

We recognise that the decision does not include all FTA AO staff. And we will continue to press DWP to exercise more flexibility for those members who will only be offered a specified site and to make permanent the remaining staff who have been told their contracts will end in March.

What will happen to the EO FTAs?

The DWP has so far been unable to tell us what its plans are for the nearly 10,000 EO FTAs, mainly Work Coaches working in jobcentres. However, we are optimistic that our representations to the DWP will lead to most EO FTAs being made permanent. We argue that it is vital that this entire group of staff is made permanent as the overworked and undervalued staff in jobcentres need as much support as possible right now.

Join the union

All FTA staff are encouraged to join PCS now to support our continuing campaign for more permanent jobs in DWP. The more of us there are the easier it will be.