13 June 2022

PCS reaction to Court of Appeal decision on Rwanda flight

PCS is disappointed by today’s Court of Appeal decision to allow the Home Office to go ahead with a flight to remove asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Home secretary Priti Patel wants to send asylum seekers to the East African country in a 5-year trial that would see some refugees who arrive in the UK sent to Rwanda, to claim asylum there.

The first flight is due to leave tomorrow (14 June) follow an unsuccessful appeal by PCS and human rights groups of an interim High Court decision on Friday. The legality of the policy will be tested in a full court hearing next month.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “We’re very disappointed with today’s decision, and the position in which it places our members who will have to carry out these forced removals.

“Just because the court says the government can do it, doesn’t mean the government should do it. We call on the government to show some humanity and not deport anyone until the case is fully tested in the courts next month.

“Most of all, though, we’re disappointed for the individuals who will be forcibly deported tomorrow.

“We shall continue to oppose the government’s cruel and inhumane policies wherever and whenever we can.”