18 August 2021

PCS reiterates opposition to extra daily driving test

We have reiterated to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency our opposition to the introduction of an extra daily driving test to the current schedule for driving examiners.

Last week we wrote to DVSA senior management to inform them that as there had been no agreement forthcoming to suspend plans for an 8-test schedule by Friday, 13 August we are now in dispute with them.

We believe the 8-test schedule proposed is unacceptable and creates a potential risk to the health, safety, and well-being of our members, candidates, and other road users. We cannot rule out balloting members over possible strike action on the issue.

While we remain committed to negotiating with the agency, and DVSA management have said they have found engagement with us so far to be ‘invaluable and welcomed,’ they have confirmed their intention to continue to ‘proceed at pace’ with the introduction of an additional daily test slot to the current schedule. We take this to mean they may move to implement the 8-test schedule for all driving examiners as early as next month.

PCS views the implementation of the 8-test schedule as unacceptable without first having reached agreement on an approach to address the range of concerns we have. DVSA, on the other hand, seemingly desires to implement the 8-test schedule either alongside discussions to reach an agreement or prior to having reached agreement with PCS.