23 September 2021

PCS rejects RBG Kew and Kew Enterprises 2021 pay awards

PCS has rejected the pay offers for 2021 for Kew RBG and Kew Enterprises, published on 23 September.

The RBG Kew offer is restricted by government pay policy despite Kew being out of the pay remit. PCS has made clear to Kew that we are completely opposed to the “pay pause” that all civil servants have had imposed on them by the government. After 10 years of pay freezes and below inflation pay increases of 1% we are again being asked to pay for the cost of the pandemic when pay in the private sector is rising much faster. The increase in NI, rising inflation and rising energy costs all mean that PCS members at Kew are worse off after this pay offer. Especially because you got no pay increase at all in 2020.  

The PCS pay claim included a claim for 35 days annual leave per year for all staff. We welcome the additional 1 day's Christmas Eve leave but because it is for 1 year only it is completely unsatisfactory and does not meet the PCS claim.  

The Kew Enterprises pay offer does at least contain a consolidated pay increase, but it remains below inflation and on that basis is rejected. 

The more of us who are in the union, the more chance we’ve got of being successful. If you want to be more involved in the Union’s campaigns on pay or connected to ensuring the safety of all staff then please contact your local rep or email leeds@pcs.org.uk.