20 May 2022

PCS reps welcoming staff to new HMRC hub

Reps from 3 PCS Revenue and Customs branches have been involved in welcoming staff to a new HMRC hub in Greater Manchester this week and will be there until the staff inductions finish in June.

HMRC Manchester hub 3 New Bailey opened to employees on Monday (16) and there have been a series of staff inductions throughout the week. We have been working with branch reps to raise awareness of PCS to non-members and to encourage existing members to sign up for PCS Digital.

It has been a worthwhile exercise in making contact with employees who have been recruited into HMRC during Covid, especially some who did not have the opportunity to find out about PCS as part of their induction.

Vital part of civil service

PCS is a vital part of civil service workplaces. We work on our members’ behalf to make every workplace a better place to be. Come and meet your branch reps, chat to us about any concerns that you have and make sure that your personal details are up to date.

It is a chance for anyone who is not a member to join PCS and for those who are to register for PCS digital. It’s the PCS platform that you can use to keep your information up to date, check out the latest news that is relevant to you and find answers to any basic queries that you have.

“If you have any concerns about moving to the new building or any other issues, come and talk to us. Alternatively, just come and say hello. We’d love to see you there,” said Nigel Hesdon, PCS R&C Greater Manchester branch committee member.

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