11 May 2022

PCS response to government announcement on Conversion Therapy

The UK government yesterday (10) announced its proposed legislation to ban ‘Conversion Therapy’ in England and Wales. The proposal is far from that previously promised to the LGBT+ community.

‘Conversion Therapy’ is the practice of attempting to alter an individual’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity, often through coercion, in order to convince vulnerable LGBT+ people that they are not who they say they are.

The government’s proposed ban is nothing of the sort and continues to leave LGBT+ people at risk of serious mental and physical harm at a time when LGBT+ equality is under renewed threat.

PCS stands with our LGBT+ members, and the wider LGBT+ community, in calling for a full and proper ban on ‘conversion therapy’ which protects all those within the community, whether on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Kris Hendry, chair of PCS’s LGBT+ members group, PCS Proud, said “The government’s announcement is just yet another example of the culture war this government appears to be happy to stoke against LGBT+ people. They seem determined to continue to demonise the LGBT+ community regardless of the risk this places on LGBT+ people and it has to stop.”

PCS’s Charter for Equality sets out our union’s belief that everyone deserves to be recognised and treated with respect, regardless of their sexuality, gender identity or any other protected characteristic. PCS has five national equality forums dedicated to working within PCS to ensure the voices of under-represented workers are at the heart of our union’s work.