16 July 2021

PCS secures victory as pay cut for Southbank staff stopped

In a final round of talks with management at London's Southbank Centre, who were facing an angry and united PCS membership, the Southbank has today confirmed they will no longer be cutting the pay of the Hayward host role.

Following our campaign, and the public outcry it caused, the Southbank Centre has today confirmed it will no longer be cutting the pay of the Hayward host role.

Hosts invigilate the galleries, sell tickets to exhibitions and provide other front-of-house functions at the gallery.

The Southbank has also confirmed that it will retain the ticket office at the Hayward Gallery to support those without easy access to a computer or smart phone.  

This will come as a huge relief to the staff, who were facing approximately a 20% pay cut. 

Branch organiser Gareth Spencer commented: "This decision by Southbank Centre has come as a great relief to our members and we are thankful to those members of public, visitors and cultural organisations who made their disappointment known over social media." 

"PCS, and our members at the Southbank Centre appreciate the severe impact financial impact of Covid-19. However, we do not believe that staff should be made to pay the cost of the pandemic. Particularly not some of the lowest paid workers in the organisation.  

"We will continue to campaign and fight to ensure that front of house staff across the sector remain fairly paid and that their skills and dedication to the institution are rewarded equitably."

Following this announcement the planned protest outside the Hayward Gallery on 24 July is cancelled.