18 March 2022

PCS statement about DVLA

The DVLA workplace is safer and backlogs are closer to becoming cleared thanks to strike action, says PCS in response to recent press coverage about the agency.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “When people join a union they expect to be protected at work, and that’s exactly what happened at DVLA in Swansea. 

“The site was among the worst workplaces for infections in the UK, with mass outbreaks and the tragic death of a staff member who caught Covid at work.  

“There was a woeful response from an employer who insisted on mass attendance and failed to keep staff safe, so we embarked on legitimate strike action.  

“As a result of our action the workplace is now much safer, and backlogs are closer to becoming cleared because, after pressure from us, more staff have been able to log on from home, which also has the effect of reducing the number of people on site.  

“It shows that what, when workers come together, we can achieve. There is power in a union.”