5 July 2022

PCS survey reveals young workers’ pay and housing concerns

Pay, housing and the cost-of-living crisis are the major issues raised by young workers in a PCS survey.

Ahead of the PCS Young Members’ Network organising school from 10am to noon on 16 July, we asked all PCS members aged 27 and under to give us their views in our survey which included questions about the major issues they are facing.

Pay and the cost of living were the major concern for many, with the overwhelming majority of respondents saying pay was a major issue for them, followed by the cost-of-living and worries over housing.

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One young worker commented: “Experiencing an annual pay cut is detrimental to my quality of living and is a constant worry.”

Another called for a “pay rise to match inflation” as well as job security – the government is planning to cut 91,000 civil service jobs over the next 3 years.

The pay, the lack of a pay rise in comparison to the rising cost of living is not acceptable,” said another. “I have friends in other work places around England who get plenty good pay rises every year, so in comparison to other companies I would say it is not the best it could be.”

Ashley, a PCS Advocate who works for Social Security Scotland, said: “Whether you work for a devolved administration or in a Westminster department, you deserve a pay rise, and members in the civil service pension scheme are paying 2% too much in pension contributions. That’s money that belongs in our pockets.

“Our pay claim is for a 10% pay rise with no detrimental changes to terms and conditions. A 10% pay rise would go some way in addressing the fact that most civil servants have not had an above inflation pay rise in over a decade.

“If this is something you are passionate about you should support the campaign by getting active in your union – volunteer to become an advocate to help your local branch get the word out about the campaign. PCS is an organising union, which means every single member has a role to play in making sure we are campaigning for change.”

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