12 May 2022

PCS tells Home Office staff to consider not volunteering for training on government’s inhumane Rwanda asylum plans

PCS has advised Home Office staff to give “serious consideration” to not volunteering for training on the government’s programme to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. 

We say members could face legal action from foreign governments if individuals are injured on the flight to Africa, or when they arrive. 

A briefing sent to Home Office members reads: “We do not know, at this stage, what the alleged legal basis is for use of force by Home Office staff outside the UK; we do not want to put staff in a position where they are acting illegally.” 

We also have concerns about the availability of overseas medical help for members in case of an emergency and of the dangers of asylum seekers turning violent in the Channel. 

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Priti Patel’s plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is not just cruel, callous and inhumane: it’s unworkable. 

“We have real concerns our members will be put at risk by trying to implement it. Previously encounters with those crossing the Channel on small boats have been broadly peaceful, but they may not remain so if there is a serious threat to removal to Rwanda.” 

PCS, along with charities Detention Action and Care4Calais, is bringing a legal challenge against Priti Patel’s plans.