2 March 2022

PCS Women: Challenging Stereotypes and Breaking the Bias

PCS is celebrating Women’s History Month with a series of events, blogs and opportunities to get involved.

Women’s History Month (WHM) in March is an opportunity for women to come together to celebrate women’s history. We reflect on the inspiring women that have made and continue to make positive contributions to our union and our communities across the world.

The PCS National Women’s Forum chose this year’s theme which is “PCS Women – Challenging Stereotypes and Breaking the Bias”. We focus on fighting gender equality, campaigning to end the gender pay gap and challenging bias and discrimination in all its forms. The theme for International Women’s Day on 8 March is #BreakTheBias which draws on the same theme as Women’s History Month.

To open Women’s History Month, PCS president Fran Heathcote has written a blog on the National Campaign and the gender pay gap. She highlights the important role women members have in getting the ballot turnout that we need.

During the month we are publishing a series of blogs written by PCS women members. They reflect on the achievements of women such as Billie Jean King and Alice Ball and look at issues affecting women today. Check out our blog pages regularly to read the latest contributions.

PCS National Women’s Forum has organised four women’s seminar sessions at lunchtimes:

  • 15 March - the Impact of Pay and Pensions on Women
  • 17 March - Women’s Safety
  • 28 March - Intersectionality
  • 29 March - Women’s Health.

Speakers include Fran Heathcote, PCS national president and Nikki Pound, TUC women’s policy officer. Open to all women members to attend.

Also, during Women’s History Month, the PCS National Women’s Forum is launching the Menopause Campaign with a range of materials and blogs aimed at explaining why menopause is a trade union and workplace issue, reviewing the results of a recent menopause survey and launching a new civil service menopause policy. Join the PCS National Women’s Forum at the Know Your Rights on Menopause in the Workplace event on 8 March. Open to all members.

Other ways to get involved

Read more information about ways to get involved in Women’s History Month. Download the WHM poster and photo opportunity cards to promote the month to members.