24 August 2021

PCS A to Z: Anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigning

Each week we are going through the alphabet with the PCS A to Z to look at why government workers should join and get involved in PCS – A is for our anti-racism and anti-fascism campaign work.

PCS has a proud history of campaigning against racism and fascism and it is our agreed policy to oppose racist and fascist organisations in our workplaces and communities.

Where individuals are found to be union members and exhibit values that are racist or fascistic, members should report individuals to their branch officers and seek advice from their PCS headquarters official or the equality department.

We also commemorate key dates in the calendar that remind us of the evils of fascism and racism, while celebrating our diversity as a multicultural society.

As part of our anti-racism and anti-fascism strategy where reps believe racist/fascist behaviour and actions are occurring in the workplace, such issues should be raised with management at the appropriate level.

Each workplace represented by PCS, whether in the core civil service or in the commercial sector should have an appropriate departmental or employer code. This should include equality provision with discrimination and harassment policies derived from the civil service code of conduct.

Racial incidents helpline

PCS operates a 24-hour racial incidents helpline. This is for PCS members only, to report incidents involving racism at work. 

Contact your rep through PCS Digital and ask about getting involved in campaigning against the far-right.

Not a member? Join PCS online today.

If you’d like to get more involved in PCS, sign up to be a PCS Advocate.