11 April 2022

PCS A to Z: Education

In the A to Z of PCS member benefits, E is for education.

At the national level, the PCS Learning Academy offers PCS members a wide range of free life-long learning courses and resources.

Trade union education through PCS Academy

We have re-shaped our core training to educate our reps in a holistic way. The approach gives equal weight to campaigning, bargaining, and organising, and a strong emphasis on the trade union basics of fairness and equality.
The academy aims for PCS reps to be trained to:

  • Represent members, from the off, with a ‘collective’ mind-set 
  • Always be on the look-out for avenues to negotiate with the employer, for the benefit of all members
  • Understand the central importance of communication with our members, and  
  • Tackle the core issues of unfairness, inequality and discrimination that members face in the workplace

To find out more email tuedacademy@pcs.org.uk or browse our course programme. 

Lifelong learning

At the national level, the PCS Learning Academy offers PCS members a wide range of free life-long learning courses and resources.

We run live online workshops, webinars and courses with a presenter or tutor listed on the PCS Courses web pages. We also have a broad selection of e-learning and distance learning that members can complete in their own time, including partnerships with some of the UK’s leading providers such as Wranx and The Skills Network in England and Scotland.

Our sessions cover ‘employability’ or career development and vocational learning; core English/writing, numeracy and IT/digital skills; mental health and wellbeing; equality and diversity; pensions and pre-retirement; and personal development.

Members in Wales or Scotland can access learning and apprentice support through our Union Learning Fund projects by contacting Steve Donoghue at stevedon@pcs.org.uk (Wales Union Learning Fund) and Wilma Wheatley at wilmaw@pcs.org.uk (Scottish Union Learning Fund). Both projects are externally funded, and learning is available to all staff in those countries.

Ask your learning rep

In local workplaces and branches across the UK, our network of union learning reps (ULRs) are returning to running learning events on many of the subjects listed above.

Would you like to develop your existing skills and knowledge? Learn new skills? Build your confidence and understanding? Then speak to your local ULR to find out about the wide range of learning activities, workshops/taster sessions, or courses we can run in your workplace.

If you are an apprentice and seeking learning support to successfully complete your apprenticeship, you can access free English and maths GCSE online courses. For information about other learning available, contact your local PCS union learning rep (ULR). If you’re not sure who your ULR is, sign up or login to your PCS Digital account. 

To find out more email learningacademy@pcs.org.uk

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