16 June 2022

PCS A to Z: H for health and safety

In the A to Z of benefits of joining the union, H is for health and safety

Everyone has the legal right to work in a healthy and safe workplace.

It is important that all workplaces have union safety reps and joint safety committees in play to ensure these rights are upheld. In a time of hybrid working, increasing workloads, job insecurity and general fatigue, work-related stress, depression and anxiety are on the rise.

In trade union-recognised workplaces, safety reps have statutory rights in law to carry out their functions, such as access to the workforce to carry out inspections, investigate hazards and to be consulted. We provide health and safety training for reps and encourage all reps to complete the TUC health and safety stage one certificate.

Check our courses pages to find out when the next training session is running.

PCS has around 1,300 accredited health and safety reps. You won’t be alone and you can join our growing network helping us win safe and healthy work places and conditions for all.  

For more information on becoming a health and safety rep, see our dedicated web pages, speak to your branch or email healthandsafety@pcs.org.uk