10 September 2021

Pensions awareness week - back the PCS campaign

Pensions awareness week starts on Monday, and we will be highlighting our pensions campaign in our TUC Congress fringe meeting at 12.30pm on Tuesday and providing key information on PCS Knowledge across the week.

Our members have been paying excessive employee pension contributions, adding to the hardship caused by the pay cuts of the past decade.  

Since 2015 there have been two important developments which directly affect civil service pensions.

A scheme valuation in 2018 confirmed the PCS view that the future cost of the civil service pension scheme had been exaggerated for political reasons. Since then, we have campaigned for the implementation of the 2% reduction in employee contribution rates that were recommended by the scheme board. 

The government is blatantly attempting to snatch away members’ rights to have their pension contributions reduced by at least 2% and see their benefits improved – but PCS is resisting, planning legal action and a coordinated campaign with other unions.

PCS members are being robbed of around £1,000 each on average from their salaries, as well as improvements to pensions benefits that they are owed. So, our message to the government is Give Us Back Our Grand.

Sign up for our TUC Congress online fringe meeting at 12.30pm on Tuesday (14) to find out how you can get involved in our national pensions campaign, with a range of activities planned for the rest of the year.

And look out for the articles we will be publishing throughout the week linking to useful pensions information on PCS Knowledge.

Find out more about Pensions Awareness Week on the Civil Service Pension Scheme website.