20 October 2021

Prison pay uplift of £250 is an insult to PCS members

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab made the announcement, saying: "Prison staff make an essential contribution to public service and their ongoing efforts, particularly in the challenging context of the Covid-19 pandemic, have been greatly appreciated."

However, the warm words do not pay bills or feed families and the government has a responsibility to deliver our members a proper pay rise, not a derisory £250.  

PCS has been pushing for the Prison Service Pay Review Body (PSPRB) to make its recommendations on pay for the 2021-22 pay award that covers Fair and Sustainable Non-Operational Grades represented by PCS. This includes prison admin staff and instructional officers who run workshops for inmates.

A further announcement for Closed Grades is pending.  

This latest announcement will further worsen the recruitment and retention crisis that prisons are facing. The system is creaking under pressure and the poor rates of pay exacerbate the pressure faced by staff working in under resourced establishments. 

PCS members are insulted and outraged by the proposal which sees poverty pay continue across the prison service.  

National Officer, Andrew Lloyd, said: ‘The failure to recognise the heroic efforts of our members across the HMPPS estate in keeping operations running in the face of the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic is a disgrace.  

"We will continue to campaign resolutely for the pay rise our members deserve, keeping all options on the table and not ruling out industrial action." 

PCS has made clear our objections clear, and we are meeting HMPPS representatives on Friday to discuss a possible joint campaign with other prison unions.