2 December 2021

Problems with MyHR introduction in Defence

The expensive new system will not be used until the new year and holds potential problems for all staff not working standard hours.

MyHR is due to be launched next year, this is a new HR system that MOD is introducing at vast cost. Your reps in defence have grave concerns about the impact that this will have on staff that work in a non standard way, this includes part time, shift work and compressed hours working.

PCS has been trying to engage with MOD about this for over a year, we have held meetings where we have pointed out to the employer that there is no provision for non standard working in the system that they have bought. This is now cascading problems down the organisation and our members at the bottom are being forced to lose annual leave and use paper-based systems, as well as wasting productive time entering information into a system that should be flexible enough to encompass the demands of a modern organisiation. What MOD have bought is not fit for purpose and they know it. CivHR is running scared from meeting the unions because the failings will be exposed. 

No staff should have to fit themselves into the system, instead the system should fit the staff. 

What you should do:

  • Share this message with all your colleagues
  • Ask them to join PCS and the fight for your leave rights
  • Ensure that as a full-time worker you get all your public holidays
  • Do not accept less time off in leave than you currently get
  • Annual leave should not be used to "make up" public holiday hours
  • Public holidays give you a whole day off work
  • You get at least 8 if you work full time and pro rata otherwise
  • Converting any time off must not lead to a detriment
  • Fractions of annual leave are rounded up to the closest half day.

Please let dsg@pcs.org.uk about any issues you are facing with the introduction of MyHR