13 May 2022

Public sector group response to civil service job cuts

The government attacks hard-working PCS members, threatening to cut up to 91,000 jobs.

Ministers and permanent secretaries across government departments have written to staff to tell them that civil service numbers would be cut to 2016 levels over the next 3 years, with the aim of doing “everything we can to make sure we deliver high quality public services at an affordable cost”.

We don’t yet know the full impact of any cuts to PSG departments, but many of our members will feel betrayed yet again by a government that, at a time of spiralling costs and with inflation expected to hit 10% this year, has only offered them a miserly 2% pay rise.

The Public Sector group has our conference in 8 days’ time, where motions to resist these attacks will be very much on the table.

The Cabinet said they would focus on the cost-of-living crisis facing families across the country but instead of implementing an emergency budget they have chosen to attack hard-working PCS members, who kept the country running throughout the pandemic, by threatening to cut up to 91,000 jobs.

Using 2016 as a hard target without proper analysis is madness, as PCS evidenced in 2016 that the civil service was under-resourced even then. This is merely an ideological attack by the UK government and a smokescreen to distract attention from the incompetence of Boris Johnson and his shambles of a government.

The PSG group executive committee encourages every member to fight job cuts and campaign for better pay.

If you are not yet a member, join PCS today and encourage colleagues to join PCS

If you are a member, get active in your union. Your first steps are signing up to go to our national conference in Brighton from 24-26 May and joining the TUC march in London on 18 June to call for a real pay rise.