17 June 2022

Rail disruption: Advice to members

PCS fully supports our RMT colleagues in their fight to defend jobs and for fair pay. The action will lead to severe rail disruption and PCS has raised the implications of the disruption with HMRC.
National Rail Strikes

The UK is shortly to see significant and widespread disruption to the nation’s railway network with strike action being taken by members of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT). PCS fully supports the action being taken by our sister union, in defence of jobs and in the fight for fair pay.

The disruption is likely to extend beyond the official strike days, so travel via the rail network over the next week is being discouraged. Consequentially, HMRC workers who use the railway for all or part of their journey to the office will need to consider carefully where they work.

PCS has raised this matter with the employer and HMRC has responded by issuing guidance which is reflected in this briefing.

Advice for HMRC Workers

Strike action affecting the UK rail network will take place on  21; 23 and 25 June 2022.

In addition, on 21 June strike action will affect the London Underground. The strike action is likely to be effective and will therefore cause significant disruption during the week commencing 20 June.

Please speak to your manager to discuss attendance at the office during these times. It is expected that you and your manager will agree what is the most sensible solution based on your individual circumstances.

HMRC consider these strikes to be short term and an exceptional circumstance and therefore outside of normal policies around balancing home and office working. This means it is likely that people affected by the disruption will opt to work from home, the normal expectation for home or office attendance will therefore be suspended during the period of the disruption.

HMRC have also confirmed that there will be no pay impact for people working in London.

Further Action

If members encounter any difficulty or require further advice, please contact your local branch representative for support. In turn branches have access the PCS negotiating team who will be available to assist with any queries that cannot be resolved locally.