31 January 2022

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Time to organise: get ready to vote in the national campaign on pay and pensions.

In this issue:

National public sector campaign
Marianne Owens talks about the National Public Sector Campaign on pay and pensions and why it is important, as we move towards the third year of the HMRC pay deal. Read more

From the president
Lorna Merry talks about the successes of PCS campaigning in East Kilbride and Portsmouth and why it's vital you take part in the upcoming consultative ballot on pay and pensions. Read more

From the editor
Group editor Dave Hansford talks about the effect that Covid is still having on work and the community, PaCR (Pay and Contract Reform) and the importance of annual general meetings and members taking part. Read more

Special Working Arrangements (SWAs)
Colette Smith, Assistant Group Secretary for PTOps (Personal Tax Operations) talks about the difficulties of agreeing SWAs (Special Working Arrangements) in the aftermath of PaCR. She highlights the review taking place. Read more

Health and safety update 
Adam Smith, the assistant group secretary leading for health and safety in the PCS R&C group, talks about the potential return to working in offices, the safety of members and how health and safety committees organise in the future. Read more

Stonewall – it started with a riot
Richard Jones the chair of the LGBT+ advisory committee gives a history of Stonewall, why it's important and how it's relevant today. Read more

Your union, your voice  
Group secretary Martin Kelsey explains the importance of the annual general meeting of your branch and encourages you to take part and be heard Read more

PCS branch roles 
Sue Kennedy from the group editorial board details what roles are available to PCS members in the upcoming branch elections and what those roles might entail. Read more