22 November 2021

Read the LRD guide for reps on Covid and mental health

Our latest articles for reps on PCS Knowledge are from the Labour Research Department’s guide on Covid-19 and mental health and help reps support members during this particularly challenging time.

During Disability History Month our national disabled members’ forum is focussing on hidden disabilities. One of the biggest hidden disabilities is mental health. Since the start of Covid-19 mental health issues have been on the increase.

The LRD booklet covers everything from what contributes to mental health issues, the disproportionate effect of Covid-19 on certain groups, to using safety rep powers to protect workers and finding sources of support.

It is an action guide for reps, setting out what they can do to ensure that employers tackle mental health issues in the workplace and provide support for workers affected. It draws on up-to-date employment law, as well as providing the latest guidance, research and campaigning material from across the union movement and organisations such as the Health and Safety Executive. It includes examples of how union reps have acted to secure improvements and highlights employer good practice on preventing or reducing Covid-related mental ill health at work.

All reps who are registered for PCS digital can access this excellent resource.

If you haven’t registered for PCS Digital all you need to do on the online form is enter your surname, your first name and then your PCS membership number, which has 7 digits and starts with a P. You then enter your personal email address and click on the sign-up button. You will then receive an email from us with instructions on how to set up your password.