22 March 2022

Read PCS blogs on impact of DWP closures and outlining our campaign

We are running regular blogs on our campaign against the closure of more than 40 DWP offices. The first posts two call for all members to get involved in the PCS campaign and look at the personal impact of the decision

Last week, the DWP made the shocking announcement of its intention to make large-scale office closures.

The announcement has been devastating for PCS members, as thousands now face possible redundancy. These are the same people who helped keep the country running during the pandemic by processing benefit payments, including unprecedented numbers of Universal Credit claims.

Read PCS DWP Group President Martin Cavanagh’s blog in which he says the union will fight against the office closures and thousands of job cuts announced by the department and the government. He calls on all members in the group to take part in our campaign.

PCS member Mary, who has 28 years’ experience and works as an executive office at Durham House in Washington, describes in her blog the great uncertainty and sadness she is facing, following the DWP office announcement.

Send a message of support to the group by emailing dwp@pcs.org.uk

Are you a member in need of help or support?