17 February 2022

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The coming weeks and months are absolutely critical for our members, as the cost-of-living crisis bites hard, and they put faith in their union as the way to win justice on pay and pensions. We know we can only achieve that with the hard work of our activists on the ground and the involvement and willingness of members.

As we hold a national consultative ballot, which will run from 14 February until 21 March, this is the chance for members to make their voices heard. Let’s do all we can to make ensure they speak up by voting in this ballot.

As Mark Serwotka says in this edition’s column, the stakes are now incredibly high. 

In this ballot special we’re sending inspiration and ideas your way, as well as practical tools for organising in your branch to get the vote out. If you have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact your PCS regional/nation office or organising@pcs.org.uk.

In this issue:

GS: Ballot preparations are crucial for national campaign
If we’re going to get the victory our members deserve, it starts with returning a strong result in this consultative ballot, says Mark Serwotka.

Active members are ‘cogs’ in ballot campaign
DWP rep Pete Jackson on how good networks and thinking of people as ‘cogs’ helps break down their ballot organising into manageable tasks.

Ballot wins: overcoming barriers to get a high turnout
We hear how three different parts of PCS have achieved ballot success.

Useful tools for you to get ballot ready
From model branch plans to technology like the branch app and CallHub, we’re making tools available to make your ballot organising work as easy and effective as possible.

What we learned about organising at activists’ forum
From listening, to forward planning, to taking advantage of the tech tools available, reps tell us what they learned from our recent national activists’ forum.

PCS women don’t always realise the power they could have
Women make up the majority of our union while suffering disproportionately from low and unequal pay. It’s vital that we urge all women members to vote in the national pay ballot.

Use branch AGMs to involve members in national campaign
Reps and advocates are urged to use their meetings to reinforce the message that we need all members to use their voice and vote and get involved in PCS.

Public and private: work together to build union power
We are encouraging our public sector reps to strengthen the union’s workplace power and ability to win by making use of our PCS Public Sector Joint Working Protocols.

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