2 November 2021

Remember to vote in DVLA ballot

The statutory ballot for industrial action over safety at the DVLA closes on 10 November.

It is very important that all DVLA members vote in this ballot because of the trade union laws which mean we must have a 50% turnout.

We have negotiated an agreement with Department for Transport management, but DVLA CEO Julie Lennard and her team are refusing to sign it off,  hoping that if we don’t achieve the 50% we need, then they won’t need to sign it.

We need to send a very strong message to the DVLA that it needs to negotiate with us to improve health and safety to keep you and your families safe.

Voting can only be done by post so it’s very important that you complete your ballot paper and get it back to us before 10 November. Please don’t leave it until the last minute to vote as it only takes a second to put an X in the box, but the outcome of this ballot is crucial.

Haven’t got a ballot paper?

If you haven’t had a ballot paper, or have lost it, please email balloting@pcs.org.uk with your name and either your membership or national insurance number and your ballot address, including postcode. We need your ballot address so we can check the details we hold are correct and update them as required before issuing a replacement ballot paper.

Please put “DVLA ballot” in the subject heading of your email, as we are currently holding several different ballots within the union.

The cut-off date for requesting a new/replacement ballot paper is 12 noon on Tuesday 2 November.