10 November 2021

Sign up to fight racism with PCS

 Places still available on racism and intolerance courses due to start next week. 

There has been a disturbing resurgence – often under the false guise of ‘free speech’ – of overt racism, homophobia, misogyny and other hate. And sadly, some workplaces are not free from the trend of scapegoating the most vulnerable in society. Trade unions have a central role to play in defending our communities, and in campaigning for fairness and equality.

PCS offers a short workshop that utilises materials developed by the TUC, and anti-racism organisations to help build your confidence in challenging far-right ideas, help you tackle difficult conversations, and give you practical campaigning tips.

Reps and members interesting in getting active in the union to help fight racism and intolerance are invited to attend the following courses which still have places;

Registration for both courses close at 5pm this Friday, 12 November.

Watch out for the PCS Racism and Intolerance course in your region or nation in 2022 - next term's programme will be issued in early December.