14 December 2021


Networks within NATS along with the leadership team set out our Diversity and Inclusion Vision.

NATS introduces diversity and inclusion vision

Over the past couple of months colleagues from across NATS, including our employee networks and trades union representatives, have been working together to create our new diversity and inclusion (D&I) vision, which was introduced during inclusion week.

This is the first time NATS has had a forward-thinking and, rightly, ambitious D&I vision, which states what type of organisation we want to be. The fact that the vision was created by a diverse group of employees across the company is in itself worthy of recognition. 

We celebrate the diversity of our colleagues. We thrive because we are all brilliantly different yet united in our passion to advance aviation and keep the skies safe.

We want to be inclusive, respectful, and diverse. We are listening, learning, and paying attention to the world. Colleagues help guide our actions and we are all taking positive steps so everyone can be themselves and succeed. The vision statement from the business is: 

Brilliantly different, under the same sky

The most valuable aspect comes from creating an inclusive, safe and enjoyable place to work for all of us. Recognising, understanding and valuing the differences we all bring to the workplace will make NATS a fundamentally better company, in many ways. No matter who you are, if you can do the job, you are welcome, and we want you to thrive.