19 May 2022

Support for Insolvency Service campaign

Current members are getting involved and new members are joining to support our campaign against office closures.

Over 100 members in the Insolvency Service (INSS) attended a meeting last week on the proposals to close 10 INSS offices. Members were upset and angered by the announcement and agreed fully with the PCS position of opposing all office closures. These closures will have major consequences for all staff and members are concerned about future service levels and workloads, as well as the possibility of redundancies and forced relocations.

PCS reps are dealing with specific issues and questions raised by members and raising matters with management at regular meetings.

PCS in INSS has seen a significant membership increase with staff joining the union to support the campaign against the closures. Members have been using our e-action to write to their MP asking them to oppose the office closures and we have meetings set up with local MPs to discuss how they can help. Regular meetings have also been set up for members.

 The PCS campaign has had significant press coverage in both national and regional publications. We will continue to set out our opposition and fight for the offices to remain open.

 Ask your local MP to support our campaign to stop these damaging closures and redundancies in the Insolvency Service by emailing them using our e-action today.