7 October 2021

Support the strikers at Royal Parks Half Marathon protest

Members from Just Ask Services will be holding a protest on 10 October to raise awareness for their campaign.

The Royal Parks half marathon on Sunday 10 October goes round St James’s Park, Hyde Park, Green Park and Kensington Gardens. It usually attracts around 16,000 entrants, plus spectators.

The PCS members from Just Ask Services, on strike over pay and terms and conditions, will be meeting at 9.30am at Hyde Park Corner station on 10 October to raise public awareness for their campaign.

The half marathon generates significant revenue for the royal parks, and members are demanding that some of that revenue is given to ensure they have fair sick pay and that their terms and conditions are raised to the same level as those workers directly employer by the Royal Parks.

PCS met with Just Ask Services today and has made progress on a number of issues, but not on sick pay. We are pressing the Royal Parks to intervene and ensure members receive the sick pay they were promised in 2019

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