26 April 2022

Take our survey on PCS rep communications

Our recent consultative ballot showed that it is crucial that we can communicate effectively with our activists and to ensure our communications are effective we need reps and advocates to give their feedback in a short survey.

The last couple of years, where the majority of our membership have been working from home, have meant that we have relied heavily on digital methods of communicating with activists, rather than print. This has huge advantages in terms of the speed with which we can share things, as well as the reduced costs.

However, we need to make sure that the communications that we produce are useful for activists and if not, what should we do differently.

All activists for whom we hold a personal email address should have received the survey link in an email sent out today. Take part in this short survey, which runs until 17 May, we would appreciate your feedback.

If you haven’t yet registered your email address with us, sign up through PCS Digital.