26 April 2022

Tell your MP the pay cuts have to stop

The past few months have been really tough for PCS members. Email your MP to ask for a pay rise to address the cost of living.

In late December the government confirmed that they would not refund pension scheme members for the 2% overpayment that have been paid since April 2019.  The government used the excuse of their own law breaking exposed by the McCloud judgement to heap on the extra costs to pension scheme members. This meant the government can now claim the overpayment never occurred because retrospectively they have deemed these extra costs have to be taken into account. PCS still disputes this and believes these extra costs should be met by the government not scheme members.

Then in late March the government issued the treasury pay remit for 22/23 which would limit pay increases to around 2% for this year. This means a massive real terms pay cut for members as CPI inflation is currently 7% and rising. Another measure of inflation is RPI and that is currently 9.9%. (RPI includes housing costs). On top of this energy costs rose by over 50% in April when the energy price cap rose by 54%. Therefore the 2% pay remit is wholly inadequate in the current cost of living crisis we face.

In our recent consultative ballot 98% of members endorsed our national claim for a 10% pay rise. Whilst our annual delegate conference will be asked in May what more actions the union should take, what we can do immediately is to lobby our own MPs and in turn ask them to put pressure on the civil service minister Heather Wheeler.

You can complete this campaign action to email your MP  - it will take less than 2 minutes and has a model email included which can be amended to add in extra information in your own words if you wish.