23 July 2021

Union members win withdrawal of Mitie pay changes

This article comes from Facilities Matters issue 4

PCS members working on ex-Interserve contracts have won their campaign to stop damaging pay changes. 

In December 2020, Mitie bought out Interserve’s facilities management arm. At the time, the company gave a guarantee that ex-Interserve staff’s pay and conditions would not be changed. But in mid-May, Mitie announced plans to change the pay frequency and date for all staff working on ex-Interserve contracts. 

Security guards employed at the Cabinet Office, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and South Colonnade in London were the first to be informed that the changes would be made on 1 July. 

PCS members were angry about the change. Firstly, because they would stop being paid a salary of the same amount, paid on the same day of each month. The changes would put them on four weekly pay and would mean less pay every 4 weeks, albeit there would be an additional pay date in the year. Members told us that this would make it impossible to manage their bills but would also affect the benefit entitlement for those who claim Universal Credit. Secondly, because they were threatened with “fire and rehire” if they did not agree to the changes. 

PCS members responded by getting organised. They recruited new members to the union. They organised members’ meetings to discuss the changes and how they could be fought by organising themselves.  

Mitie initially responded by postponing the implementation date for the changes and then in July withdrew the changes, not only for the security guards but for all ex-Interserve staff that were due to have the changes implemented later in the year.