4 May 2022

United We Stand

Group secretary Jim Knotts looks at some recent victories which highlight the benefits of being in a union.

PCS has recently won improved pay offers for our members in Atos and Fujitsu after successful industrial action ballots in which our members stood together with their union.

In Atos a planned strike forced the multinational to negotiate with PCS and offer an improved pay deal. From an initial offer of 1% which was overwhelmingly rejected, our members voted to accept 6% over two years with 4% backdated money being paid before the national insurance increase in April 2022, and the further 2% from 1 April.

Both these disputes highlight the benefits of being in a union

This is a great deal for the lowest paid and for agency staff working in the areas covered by the PCS bargaining unit who will see their base salary rise from £20,000 to £21,216 from April 2022.

Our other decisive victory was in Fujitsu when a turnout of 80% with a 77% yes vote for strike action led to an improved offer.

PCS members were furious at being offered a 1.5% increase by the Japanese multinational after enduring a pay freeze last year. After the threat of industrial action a new two year deal was reached that will see pay rises ranging from 4.1% (plus a bonus) to 11.4% for our lowest paid members. More than two-thirds of the bargaining unit will receive a consolidated and pensionable increase of 6.1% in October 2022.

Both these disputes highlight the benefits of being in a union that is prepared to back its members in their struggle to bring management back to the negotiating table with better offers. It was only by sticking together and supporting the union that these members won these increases to their pay and this was reflected in the massive votes in favour of accepting the PCS negotiated deals.

Jim Knotts, group secretary