19 October 2021

Vote against hate in National Trust elections

PCS culture group is urging all members of PCS who are also members of the National Trust, to vote against candidates standing under the banner of "Restore Trust", whose platform is racist and anti LGBT+ 

Following the recent racist attack on an exhibition at an English Heritage property and the announcement by a far-right group of National Trust members, Restore Trust, that they will be standing on an ‘anti-woke’ platform at the upcoming governing council elections, the PCS Culture group stands in solidarity with the marginalised workers of both these heritage institutions.

Our members in museums, galleries and heritage sites have worked hard through the pandemic to help visitors explore our collective national culture. They now find themselves trying to remain safe in a the midst of a vicious culture war stoked first by Oliver Dowden and now by Nadine Dorries - an MP who has voted consistently against equality legislation such as same-sex marriage. Members of Restore Trust have voiced disgusting racist and anti-LGBT+ statements that render them completely ineligible for running a contemporary cultural institution.

The National Trust and English Heritage are to be commended for examining the links between historical atrocities such as the Atlantic slave trade and how it directly and indirectly funded many country houses and other heritage sites in Britain.

PCS Culture group encourages all members of PCS who are also members of the National Trust to vote against the ‘Restore Trust’ candidates. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our own LGBT+ and BAME members working at all English Heritage sites, as well as the artists and models who were directly threatened at Wrest Park.

We send our solidarity to members of our sister union, Prospect, whose members working for the National Trust now face being victimised in their own workplaces should the odious proponents of fascist rhetoric get elected under the guise of a so-called ‘anti-woke’ platform.

On behalf of the PCS Culture group executive committee,

Gareth Spencer, president PCS Culture group