29 April 2022

We demand better - join us in London

It's time for a new deal for working people, real help with rising energy bills and a pay rise. The government needs to act now! Join us and demand better.

Our members face an employer who refuses to give them the pay rise they deserve or pay back the pensions overpayments they are owed and plans to cut their redundancy terms all whilst bills continue to rise.

Now is the time to make them listen and join with trade union members across the country to demand better.

We are encouraging PCS members from across the UK to join the TUC organised march and rally in London on Saturday 18 June. You can find out more and download materials to encourage members in your workplace to join you in London on the TUC website.

Meet the PCS contingent at 11am at Portland Place to march to Parliament Square and rally to demand better!

Bring your banners, placards, voices, colleagues, friends and family - all welcome.

Please contact your respective regional or national office for details of transport available for PCS members to attend, details below:

Scotland: email scotland@pcs.org.uk   

Wales: follow the link

North West: email NWOCEL@pcs.org.uk 

Northern: email campaigns@pcs.org.uk 

Yorkshire and Humberside: email campaigns@pcs.org.uk

Midlands: follow the link

South West: follow the link

London and South East: follow the link

Eastern: email eastern@pcs.org.uk