28 April 2022

What's On? 2 May - 8 May

The coming week sees PCS offering a number of courses to members up and down the country and a range of activities taking place.

Update on Hybrid Working at DfE

We will be holding an all members' meeting on Zoom at 7pm on 3 May to discuss the requirement of 80% office attendance.

PCS, along with our fellow recognised unions the FDA and Prospect, wrote to the secretary of state and permanent secretary following the announcement on the changes to hybrid working.

Read the letter in full.

All members meeting – Tuesday 3 May, 7pm

We are holding a Zoom meeting for all members at the DfE. This meeting will be a chance for PCS negotiators to update you on the latest in talks, to hear your views and to answer your questions.

Please get in touch with local reps if you have any queries or concerns. Find their details through PCS Digital. 

PCS Activist Forum: Building for victory - Saturday 7 May

Building for the next stage of the PCS national campaign - and for other campaigns to defend members

PCS is running a two-hour online forum for all activists from 10am-noon on Saturday, 7 May. 

The aim is to bring activists, reps and advocates together to build for the next phase of the national PCS campaign on pay, pensions and redundancy terms.

At the forum, activists will:

  • hear from fellow reps explaining how they reached members and persuaded them to vote during the recent national consultative ballot
  • share what went well, and lessons learnt,  in their branch during the ballot 

The forum is timed to coincide with the next phase of our national campaign. PCS is writing to tell the government we are formally in dispute with them over their refusal to give members a decent pay rise or pay back the pensions overpayments to staff, and over their plans to cut redundancy terms.

Take our survey on PCS rep communications

The last couple of years, where the majority of our membership have been working from home, have meant that we have relied heavily on digital methods of communicating with activists, rather than print. This has huge advantages in terms of the speed with which we can share things, as well as the reduced costs.

However, we need to make sure that the communications that we produce are useful for activists and if not, what should we do differently.

All activists for whom we hold a personal email address should have received the survey link in an email sent out today. Take part in this short survey, which runs until 17 May, we would appreciate your feedback.

If you haven’t yet registered your email address with us, sign up through PCS Digital.

PCS conference fringe meeting: fighting and winning on pay and pensions

Join our conference fringe meeting on pay and pensions on Facebook from 5.30-7pm on 23 May.

With inflation at 7% and rising and members overpaying into their pensions, now is the time for action and PCS is now formally in dispute with the government over pay and pensions.

At this meeting, on the eve of our annual delegate conference in Brighton, we will discuss what we need to do to win a decent pay rise for all and fairer pensions contributions. Building our organising strength and working with other unions, join our debate about how we force the government to back down.

View the event on Facebook and if you are attending conference in Brighton look out for updates on how you can attend in person.

Workplace Reps: Essential Building Blocks -  London and the South East, South West and Eastern

3 May - 21 June: 10am -4pm

This course is aimed at newly-appointed reps and union advocates. It will give you the skills and knowledge to effectively represent your members, covering organising, campaigning, negotiating, equality, and more. The course covers essential approaches and techniques that underpin effective organising and bargaining set in the context of the contemporary trade union movement. This includes the role of the union rep in building the strength of the union, communications, effective negotiations and planning.

Writing for Wellbeing course

3 May - 24 June: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Work-related stress is one of the commonest issues dealt with by PCS reps, with members facing a range of serious problems - from the cost-of-living crisis and job insecurity, to a return to unsafe workplaces, excessive workloads, and bullying.

Work can also be a source of identity, self-worth, and friendship. Collective union action to win improvements can create solidarity and meaningful social connections.

This new PCS course will explore our relationships with work, and the individual and collective ways that it influences our wellbeing. You will find ways to express through writing your unique experiences as a worker, and learn how the act of writing can make you feel better.

Tackling Stress as a Trade Union Issue

5 May - 12 May: 10am - 12:30pm

Stress is, alongside pay and conditions, one of the most common issues dealt with by PCS Workplace Reps and Health & Safety Reps. Every year, almost half a million workers in the UK suffer from stress-related illnesses linked to our work. The impacts on our physical and mental health can be severe. This is a critical bargaining issue for trade unions; not only in supporting individual members who face the health consequences of stress, but also in collectively organising around the broader issues of workload and staffing. This short course will look at some union campaigning and negotiating strategies which say - No to “Resilience”….Yes to PCS members standing together to reduce harmful Stress at Work

Welcome to PCS - Northern, Yorkshire & Humberside 

5 May - 12 May: 10am - 1:30pm

This course is aimed at members who are new to the union and interested in getting involved in union activity. This introductory short course will give a flavour of what trade unions do, the role of trade unions in society and what it means to be an active member of PCS. The course is open to any member of PCS

Mentoring New Reps and Advocates - Northern Ireland, Scotland

5 May - 13 May: 10am - 1pm

You can’t do it all, and you won’t always be around. Vital to building a strong union branch is ensuring others will carry on your good work. This short course explores succession-planning; identify keen new reps and advocates; support their development as trade unionists; and ensure the health of the union for many years to come.

Advocates 1 - North West

6 May: 11am - 12pm

The key to a stronger PCS is greater participation by members in the day-to-day running of the union at the local level. If you are willing to help out a little come along to this session to talk about how you can play a role in your union as a workplace advocate.

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