2 December 2021

What's On? 6 December - 12 December

The coming week sees PCS put on a huge range of courses available to members up and down the country and we have launched our PCS Academy winter programme.  

PCS wins for Royal Parks cleaners

With members increasing the pressure on Just Ask through a month-log strike action, Royal Parks and Just Ask agreed a significant increase to members’ terms and conditions to end the dispute.

The headline offers included in the proposals are:

  • Full trade union recognition for PCS
  • And a huge increase in contractual sick pay, up to 3 months, which came in to affect yesterday (1 December).
  • A number of other constructive proposals on resolving ongoing issues, and future ways of working.

PCS Culture Group Secretary Steven Warwick said: “By standing together these workers have secured an excellent outcome. I feel privileged to have been able to support them in their fight for equality and justice.”

Do you work in facilities management on a public sector contract? Your union is PCS, join online today.

PCS Academy winter programme launched

Do you want to get more involved in your PCS branch? Or polish up your existing skills to help strengthen the union? Today PCS Academy launches its extensive programme of training courses for our January to Easter term. The branch briefing details over 100 courses across all regions and nations.  

All 2022 courses are now available for online registration. All you need to do is register and log-in to PCS Digital, click on ‘Courses & Events’ and select your course.

If you haven’t registered for PCS Digital all you need to do on the online form is enter your surname, your first name and then your PCS membership number, which has 7 digits and starts with a P. You then enter your personal email address and click on the sign-up button. You will then receive an email from us with instructions on how to set up your password.

Browse the PCS Academy Winter 2022 programme.

Disability History Month: spread the word on issues and events

Four online sessions have been organised with the aim of educating the wider union on the issues affecting disabled members and what unions can do to support them. The events will seek to encourage greater participation from disabled members, particularly those who are newly active or who would like to become more engaged in PCS. Registrations are positively welcomed from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, women, black and young disabled members who are often under-represented at union events.

Each seminar session will be run at lunchtime (on MS Teams), then repeated in the evening (on Zoom):

  • Session 4: Tues 7 Dec, 12:00–1:30pm on MS Teams and 6:00–7:30pm on Zoom.
    Topic: Disability History Month – disability and hidden impairments.

Disabled members can register on Eventbrite. A BSL interpreter and live captioning will be available at each session. Each will include a comfort break. 

PCS young members rejuvenated – can you get involved?

There’s a renewed energy for encouraging PCS young members to get involved, be active, and help shape the present and future of the union.

After a difficult 18 months for being able to meet and support each other face-to-face, PCS young members have been re-invigorating the union’s networks. New officers have been elected to the National Young Members’ Committee (NYMC) and members are looking ahead to upcoming elections for the 10 regional convenors who support it, in early December.

Elections are being held in all regions for new young members’ convenors. Contact Claire Morris – clairem@pcs.org.uk for more details of your meeting or to find out more about becoming a convenor or becoming more involved in PCS. 

Women's course: Pathways for Women Workers - South West, London & South-East and Eastern

6 December - 13 December: 10am - 12:30pm

50 years after the Equal Pay Act, and 100 years after women fought for and won Universal Suffrage, the ‘Glass ceiling’ for women in the UK workplace persists. And misogyny and sexism remain an institutional and cultural barrier to equality in many other areas of women’s lives. Male-dominated structures persist in our own trade union movement; PCS needs to do much more to address underrepresentation, and to tackle the workplace issues that disproportionately affect women workers. This course explores issues relating to your working life as a woman, and as a union member. It will increase your confidence and skills should you want to progress in the workplace, and in the union…..and make a difference to all women’s lives.

Green Reps and Climate Justice - All PCS regions and nations

7 December - 14 December: 10am - 12:30pm

To help PCS green reps begin to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to carry out their role effectively. After this course you will; Be able to explain why climate change and the environment is a trade union issue; Understand the role of the green rep and how she/he fits into the PCS branch; Develop knowledge of workplace environmental issues; Be confident about raising and bargaining on green issues with the employer; Be confident in engaging colleagues on green issues including how this fits with wider bargaining and campaigning priorities; Be confident about finding other information

Advocates 1 - Eastern, London and the South East

7 December: 12pm -1pm

The key to a stronger PCS is greater participation by members in the day-to-day running of the union at the local level. If you are willing to help out a little come along to this session to talk about how you can play a role in your union as a workplace advocate.

Preparing for your PCS AGM

7 December - 8 December: 1:30pm - 4pm

This is a two half-days course, usually held in December or January, aimed at any PCS branch officers or reps involved with preparing for your branch AGM.

The course is designed to explain the AGM process including deadlines, help increase AGM attendance and participation, and to develop motion writing skills. For those who intend to attend PCS conference the course will also help you understand conference procedures, and develop speaking skills and confidence.

Please note this course is for those Branch Officers who have not prepared an AGM before - if you are an experienced rep but seeking guidance on holding an AGM online please contact your PCS Region.

Introduction to equality - Eastern, London and the South East, South West

7 December - 14 December: 2pm - 4:30pm

Why is it important that we tackle ‘under-representation’? Why is it important for union reps
to be equalities aware? This session explores why is it important for the union to lead the way on
equalities if we are going to win on other issues, and will give you a basic understanding of the 'protected characteristics', key concepts such as discrimination, and The Equality Act.

Cancer in the workplace - South West, London and South-East and Eastern

8 December - 15 December: 10am - 4pm

Cancer is a workplace issue. It now affects one in three people, and each year in the UK there are approximately 90,000 people of working age who receive a cancer diagnosis. The chances are that members in your branch will be affected – either directly through being ill themselves or through a close relative having the disease. This course will help reps explore issues to be faced if a union member is diagnosed with cancer, including their rights to time-off, and find out more about cancer in the workplace, its causes and effects.


9 December: 9am -5pm

You will gain an understanding of core negotiating skills as a team and as an individual, and take part in an extended scenario activity to explore how we put the ideas into practise. You will also discuss the Crown Prosecution Service national and local Whitley structures to gain an understanding of how bargaining takes place in CPS.

Advocates 1 - Cymru/Wales and the South West

9 December: 6pm -7pm

The key to a stronger PCS is greater participation by members in the day-to-day running of the union at the local level. If you are willing to help out a little come along to this session to talk about how you can play a role in your union as a workplace advocate.

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